Flip or Flop: Life Unbound EP4 [S2]

As ski magazines crowd mailboxes and the days get shorter, we get more and more excited for ski season. We find our selves playing with ski gear, repeatedly stopping by the local ski shop to see if the new gear has arrived and dreaming of pow filled turns.
For this episode, we put together an edit that tells the story of a spring powder day, and a trip to the Tushar Mountains in Southern UT. Our spring pow day was in our own backyard, and although the clouds socked us in most of the day, it was full of smiles and long turns. As we headed South, the range had just got 18in of snow. We tried to beat the spring sun, but mother nature beat us too it. The skiing ended up being survival skiing with wind effect, ice crusts and down right terrible snow. But the skiing is only part of the story, and the company mixed with stunning scenery is the true treasure.
We reminisce of some of our favorite turns of last season and can not wait to get out and make some more.

Flip or Flop: Life Unbound EP4 [S2] from The Life Unbound on Vimeo.

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