Red & White: Life Unbound EP3 [SE2]

It has not been for lack of trying that we haven’t put out an episode, we have been striking out left and right. It is frustrating when the snow turns or the storm misses you completely, but that is the name of the game and one of the reasons we love it so much; you just never know what will happen.

Well we didn’t strike out on our last trip, and while the snow could have been a little better, we had an amazing time. We headed south to Moab an to took all the toys; sled, bikes, skis, skins and camping gear. We book ended the trip with biking and did two days of skiing in the middle. Check out the adventure!

Red & White: Life Unbound EP3 [S2] from The Life Unbound on Vimeo.

Until next time-

Weston and Shaun

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