Drift HD Ghost: The Game Changer

Drift recently unveiled its latest masterpiece, the HD Ghost, which goes head to head with GoPro Hero 3.  Drift packed in many industry first in the HD Ghost edition; like a two way remote, two inch gorilla glass screen, continuous loop video and the longest lasting battery on the market.

While many a review of this camera is on the internet I will walk you thru a typical day and WHY these features are important and relevant.

Running out the door trying to remember everything can be a very trying thing to do.  The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not the camera that you used yesterday will still hold its charge today. Say for instance that day was -10 degrees Fahrenheit and you did a lot of filming.  With the Drift HD Ghost, worry no more.  The three hour charge (record time) can last for days, especially when you use the intuitive menu of the Drift and turn off the LCD screen between shots.  Speaking of the Ghost’s menu, it is so easy to use that even on top of a mountain in a blizzard and howling wind you can follow the icons to adjust nearly every part of the camera.

Drift HD Ghost Review from The Life Unbound on Vimeo.

Now you are on top of said mountain and ready to drop in.  You clip the camera to your goggle or helmet mount and are ready to go (both included).  Are you recording?  With the Ghost you will never ask that question again.  The two-way remote communicates between the camera and the remote, visually showing you (via LED’s on the remote) whether you are recording video, photo, timelapse or photoburst. Also coming out shortly will be a wi-fi app which will allow you to view what the camera sees, download images to social media, and change settings.

So you shred the line and are so pumped that you have to see it again. Right then and there, in the field.  You pop the camera off the mount and following the intuitive menu watch what you just captured.  Don’t like it?  Took too much space up on your card?  Delete it right then and there.

The next feature, which is one of the most powerful, is one of the hardest to describe.  Say you are trying to pull off the perfect golf swing, you hit a hundred balls and have the camera on.  It takes you an hour to find that perfect swing and once you do it was on ball 98. In continuous loop playback, the camera is “recording” but not actually filling up your memory card.  When you hit that 98th ball you simply walk over and hit “tag”.  The camera then pulls up the last 5 minutes of “recording”  and places it on your memory card.  It is akin to live playback on your TV or the next best thing to a time machine.

On your next run you don’t want to use your helmet mount but instead a pole mount.  With the 1/4in mount you can put it on a standard tripod or a mini tripod (what we do taped to a ski pole) and rotate the lens accordingly.  Being able to rotate the lens up to 300 degrees ensures that you will always have a perfectly vertical and aligned shot. Now it is really snowing out, coming down so hard you can barely see. The new Ghost is water proof to 3m so you don’t have to worry that your camera will get damaged. Because it is snowing so hard there is low light and low visibility.  Not a problem for the Ghost, one if strongest features is its ability to shoot in low light, something that cannot be said for its competitors.

One of our favorite features on big trips is time lapses.  Again, using the intuitive menu, you can scroll thru intervals, size (5, 8, or 11 megapixels), exposure and more.  And with the long lasting battery you can be assured that it will last to capture the last rays of sunshine.

So there you have it, the practical use of all the powerful features of the Ghost.  Obviously we are fans of the Ghost here at LUB, but we are fans because it earned our respect and comes with everything you need to capture all your adventures (no aftermarket parts needed here).


If you agree and are looking to purchase, be sure to head over to:  store.driftinnovation.com

use the promo code:  LUB for an additional $30 off your check out price. 


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