Snowbasin storm drops 40in for amazing preseason skiing

For our second day on snow, we once again made the drive up North.  We were undecided as to where to go but a last minute text from an Ogden local told us we were silly if we went back to Powder Mountain and Snowbasin was the place to be.  Oh how right he ended up being.

Nelson finding out just how much snow fell in the parking lot.

Pulling into the parking lot we were dumbfounded to see blue sky and sun.  It lasted most of the skin and promptly disappeared every time we ripped our skins off.

Nelson helped the trail breaking by stepping on everyone’s tails. The snow got deeper the higher we got, and the more he stayed right behind whoever broke.

Lunch break; if you have a keen eye you may recognize where we are.

It was a brutal day carrying the angry midget.  4k ft of vert and 40in of snow on day two hurt….a lot.  Luckily I got away with out a lot of breaking.

New Trew Gear arrived the day before the first wave of the storm. Shaun couldn’t be more excited. She said “this outfit makes me happy!”, what more could you ask for?

Near the end of the day Nelson was not amused by all the snow.  Even with his short hair he does well with cold, however wind is a different story and we were on top of a ridge.

Me (Weston) finding some lower elevation face shots.  By this time I could barely standup and was REALLY looking forward to arriving at the car.

It was an awesome day to say the least.  Our expectations from yesterday were low and to be able to drop a knee and in bottomless pow was an amazing late October treat.  Forecast looks lack luster for at least the next few weeks.  Until next time…

~Weston D

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