A Look Back Looking Forward

With temperatures dropping and snow dusting much of the mountains of the North American West we are all beginning to froth at the mouth for that first taste of winter. We are starving for those first turns, first splash of pow on your face, first moment where you are reminded why you work so hard during the off season, why you live where and how you do, that moment when life makes complete sense and you are free.

The anticipation is at an all time high here so Weston and I decided to relive some of our deepest days from last season. We can’t wait to see what Mother Nature and Father Winter have in store for us this season and are excited to share it all through Season 2 of The Life Unbound.

Here is a tribute to the deep days of the past in hopes of deeper days to come.

Season 1 Highlights from The Life Unbound on Vimeo.

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