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In this day and age the hottest accessory to have is a GoPro, but other than seeing them at every turn, are they really the best?

For years we ourselves used GoPro’s, they had a steep learning curve, but we had fun with them and ignored their shortcomings. Then we got our hands on the Drift HD. They were a game changer. The Drift comes with so much more and in a more attractive package than any GoPro.

Here is an edit of some of our favorite shots from this past year on the Drift HD


Below is some of the specs we find most useful (the DriftHD has even more crazy features not listed!)

-Full HD video for creating crystal clear footage
-More compact housing, 4.1 inches and 4.23 oz.,
-Rotatable, replaceable lens
-An integrated LCD screen for shot setup and playback
-A remote control
-Standard ¼″ 20 thread for use with most tripods
-9MP still photography; put it in the photo burst mode and you can take pictures every few seconds for as long as your memory card and battery lasts
-You can pair the remote control to your camera or any number of additional cameras
-A digital zoom function so you can get even closer to the action, or your friend in front
-A 2.5 microphone input for external microphones


Last but not least; if your interested in the DriftHD, go to MyPOV360.com and enter The promo code “lifeunbound” (all lower case). It will provide $30 off a Drift camera or package deal and free UPS ground shipping in the continental U.S.  Promo code expires 8/31/12.

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