MyPOV360’s DriftHD

For several years now both Shaun and myself have been using GoPro’s as our POV cameras.  Originally we got them because we could get good deals on them and were not really aware of any other options.  We used them for several season’s capturing footage of everything from biking to skiing, surfing to time lapses.  They worked, but they sure did have a steep learning curve.  You really had to get a feel from years of use to know where the camera was pointing and hope all the settings had stayed the same (let alone being able to decipher the menu).

Enter the DriftHD.  I had heard a bit about the DriftHD and it piqued our interest to say the least.  Rumors that it came with a LCD screen so you could actually see, in the field, what you had just shot.  No external bulky back pack screen(GoPro), no guessing if you got the shot.  The LCD screen also meant that you could see, in English the powerful menu and functions of the DriftHD.  And the coolest part, the thing that blew the GoPro completely out of the water……a wireless remote that can be attached to your wrist.

We came to find out that those few selling points were only the beginning of the package that was the DriftHD.

Head over to and check out the technical specs of the DriftHD vs. the GoPro.

In the next installment we will show you just how versatile the DriftHD really is.

Shaun stoked on the DiftHD
Shaun stoked on the DiftHD



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